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Kicking off our second podcast with The Latest, Fiona & Ian discussed Sugar by Half, who promote action to protect current and future generations from the health dangers of added sugar. This initiative was started by Prof Peter Brukner who is specialist sports and exercise physician currently working with the Australian cricket team and a team of other health professionals. Shane Watson, Aussie Cricketer is a big supporter of this initiative.

More information here: http://www.sugarbyhalf.com/

The Topic for this podcast is the documentary film What’s With Wheat. Fiona and Ian discuss wheat and gluten and some of the health issues that are now being linked to their consumption. We also look at why wheat has become such a big issue today, and what are some of the changes that have occurred including changes to the plant, what monocultures are, the addition of chemicals and the effects on our microbiome.

The film is available to watch/buy here: https://whatswithwheat.com/

More information about gluten and wheat can be found on Fiona’s website here: http://www.informedhealth.com.au/food-sensitivities/coeliac-disease-gluten-intolerance

Thanks to Willem Sherlock Roorda who has written and performed our fabulous new theme song for Happy and Healthy.

Check out Willem and details of his album launch here: http://www.willemsherlockroorda.com/

November 11th, 2016

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