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Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Fiona Kane and Cultural Activist Ian Zammit co-host Happy and Healthy: the podcast for people keen to live happier and healthier lives!

In the sixth episode of the series, which is streaming on demand below, Fiona who is a That Sugar Film Ambassador and Ian discuss That Sugar Film and 6 Spoons in June. We do a review of this fun film with an important message and introduce 6 spoons in June.

That Sugar Film, written and directed by Damon Gameau, is the highest grossing Australian documentary of all time and has been released in more than 25 countries with Jamie Oliver listing it on his “must watch” movie list. It also received an AACTA award for Best Feature Length Documentary. In That Sugar Film, Damon embarks on a unique experiment focusing on the diets of average Australians, consuming on average over 30 teaspoons of sugar per day – but only by eating “healthy” foods that are in fact laden with hidden sugars.

6 Spoons in June is a low sugar action month brought to you by the team behind That Sugar Film. The name is in reference to the World Health Organisation’s recommended daily intake for added sugar. It will challenge us to rethink our relationship with sugar, breaking our sugar dependence and setting a new daily target during June and beyond. The focus is on gradually reducing our sugar intake, rather than cutting it out entirely, swapping out the over-sweetened food and appreciating healthier foods that are just as tasty. So it’s not about giving up the occasional biscuit, chocolate or fruit juice: we know these are sugary treats rather than everyday foods. It’s about becoming more aware of the hidden added sugars in your life; taking a closer look at what’s in the food you choose for yourself and your family every day.

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More information about That Sugar Film and 6 Spoons in June here: http://thatsugarfilm.com/

Thanks to Willem Sherlock Roorda who has written and performed the fabulous bluesy theme song for Happy and Healthy. Check out Willem’s great music here: http://www.willemsherlockroorda.com/

June 16th, 2017

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