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AU Radio is currently on demand only – the stream will return soon! – In the meantime, visit the homepage to listen to the latest episodes on demand!

Get to know the programs of AU Radio:

NEW! Name of Program: Happy and Healthy
Length: 30mins
Brief Synopsis: Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Fiona Kane and Cultural Activist Ian Zammit co-host Happy and Healthy: the podcast for people keen to live happier and healthier lives!
Who is involved: Fiona Kane and Ian Zammit

Name of Program: Top of the World
Length: 60mins
Brief Synopsis: Sydney Singer-Songwriter Taryn La Fauci dives deep into the world of an Artist. Each month a special guest artist will be in conversation with Taryn where she will uncover their thoughts on song writing, creativity, musical influences and their current musical movements in Australia and across the world. The program will also showcase an array of Australian and International music grounded in folk, country and pop. Tune in and discover a behind the scenes look at an artist’s day to day, how they work, how they fill their creative cups and what their “Top of the World” is when it comes to their work and career.
Who is involved: Taryn La Fauci – creator, producer, editor; Michael J Roberts – in studio recording and the special guest Artist.

Name of Program: All My Friends Are in Bar Bands
Length of Program and Frequency: Between 30-50 minutes, depending on guest; weekly.
Brief synopsis: If you don’t know David James Young from his writing, music and podcasting work, there’s a good chance you’ll know some of the people he calls friends – The Smith Street Band, Gang of Youths, Urthboy, Andy Bull and Luca Brasi, to name but a few. Each week, Davidbrings you a conversation with a unique personality from the world of music, from sweetheart singer-songwriters to metalheads and back again. It’s a chance for both he and listeners to get to know some truly great performers below surface value. All My Friends Are in Bar Bands is a conversation about music where no genre – and no topic – is off limits.
Who is involved in the show: David James Young – creator, producer, editor. The guests vary each week.

Name of Program: K-Pop Korner
Length of Program: 60 Minutes, Weekly
Brief Synopsis: The award-winning K-Pop Korner comes to AU Radio! K-Pop Korner broadcasts the best of Korean music from the heart of Manchester, UK each and every week. Be it K-Pop, K-Indie, K-Rock… or any other musicians, singers, dancers from South Korea, it’s right here on the show.
Who is involved in the show? Adam Riley

Name of Program: Hello Asia! Radio
Length of Program: 1 hour, Fortnightly.
Brief Synopsis: Bringing you all the latest in Asian music and culture from our unique Australian perspective – music, news, film, interviews, arts, events happening around Australia and more.
Who is involved in the show? Erin Smith (Brisbane), Ghassani Swaryandini (Brisbane), Kat Czornij (Sydney), Jocelle Koh and Ana Giggins (Melbourne)

Name of Program: Summerteeth
Length of Program: 30 Minutes, Monthly
Brief Synopsis: Summerteeth is all about live music, festivals and the odd musical. And I may even take you around the world and introduce you to new music from the regions.
Who is involved in the show? Sofie Kim

Name of Program: On The Rocks
Length of Program: 30mins, Monthly
Brief Synopsis: The show were we get back to basics with the art of drinking and find out the history and love that went into that drink you’re about to chug down…
Who is involved in the show? Jamie Travers (jtravers@2ue.com.au) and Sophie Ly (1sophie.ly@gmail.com)

Name of Program: Content
Length of Program: 1hr
Weekly or Monthly? Monthly
Brief Synopsis: Daniel Green and Julian Ramundi talk all things art, theatre, film, culture and music, with the odd guest and review thrown in. From Kawaii pop to Australian theatre to the current ‘post ringtone’ movement, it’s all Content, and it’s all new.
Who is involved in the show? Daniel is an artist. Julian is a performer. Both of them write. And both of them talk very well.

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